Our Courses

“The balance between Professional Development, Personal Development and Adventurous Training is up to the group”

Courses run from Monday to Thursday for those who want their CPD entirely within the normal working week or from Thursday to Monday for those wishing to combine their course with a weekend, or alternatively Saturday to Thursday for those who don’t mind! Whole weeks can be organised if preferred, depending on the availability of the training centre. 

Active Learning content:

Course topics are either pre-selected to be topical and relevant to the group or alternatively they are chosen by the delegates – in which case you will be expected to choose at least one topic you would like to learn more about. Now the scary bit: you can choose a topic for which you will be the session leader -you obviously need pre-existing experience in the subject but you will be given the opportunity to research the topic and prepare a brief literature review. Please don’t worry, this need not take long and the facilitator will help you with this process.

Personal Development content:

The active learning and social structure alone provide this but either we choose or you can choose add-ons such as cookery demonstrations, digital photography, art and wine tasting.

Adventurous Training content:

Obviously seasonal and an important decision dependent on what you want and what you are comfortable with (establish your own comfort zone then step out of it…….but not too far!!) Click on the next page for more details.

The balance between CPD, Personal Development and Adventurous Training is up to the group but the following busy schedule usually proves popular (still  plenty of time for that all important relaxation)

0800-0900 Breakfast ‘Tear & Share’ CPD
0900-1230 Personal Development/Adventurous Training
1230-1400 ‘Continuing Professional Déjeuner’
1400-1700 Free time
1700-2000 The ‘Hot Tub Think Tank’ and Pre Dinner Drinks CPD

Remember – this schedule is just a suggestion – it’s your group, the choice is yours.

Forthcoming courses for Winter 2018

Don’t Worry About It!
Make stress your friend!

Despite increased awareness, and efforts to combat the trends, the Office of National Statistics reports that anxiety and depression are currently on the increase and personal satisfaction with overall health (including mental health) is on the decline.

Is our heightened approach to support not working? Could it be diminishing confidence?

Can we influence confidence? Through a mindset perhaps?

Is a mindset something you can choose to have?

If you found that difficult could you ‘fake’ one?

That sounds wrong, it sounds stressful!

But do we misinterpret so-called ‘stress’ ?

Could we ‘make stress our friend’ and stop worrying about it?

Join us for snow sports, fun activities, alpine relaxation and a series of Active Learning Sessions that will help us better understand ‘support’, ‘growth mindsets’, ‘acting’ and stress. Delegates will build approaches to help themselves, colleagues, clients and loved ones be happier and more fulfilled in their careers and lives.

The course is loosely based on the work of psychologists Carol Dweck, Amy Cuddy and Kelly McGonigal. It is suitable for anyone who’s open minded, but if you aren’t, it doesn’t matter – just fake it! 

Saturday 13th – Thursday 18th January
Thursday 18th – Monday 22nd January
Monday 22nd – Saturday 27th January
Wednesday 7th – Saturday 10th March 

ACTIVE LEARNING: Facilitated active learning sessions (how to do it and actually doing it) in a relaxed, informal environment.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Wine Tasting, Barista Training and Cocktail Making amongst other things!

ADVENTUROUS TRAINING: Skiing, Shoeing or Snowboarding in the Grand Massif with the local guides and instructors at Zig-Zag, on or off piste.

Please contact Sarah on 07922883354 or doingit@cpdactif.com